22 January 2009

I Should Have Had a Model in a Sequined Dress

The results from the Post-it Note NieNie Free Book Prize Drawing are in and there are TWO winners! Yes, two winners! Why? Because I'm saintly. Also, because I decided that Heidi deserved a book no matter what, because within two hours of my quiz posting she had coughed up all of the answers, every whit correct on each and every one. She made me happy. It was also proved to me that the Fates wanted her to have one because I put her name in the drawing for laughs anyway and hers was the first name I drew out. So congratulations to Heidi! As soon as I get the books in the mail yours will be out the door to you.

And the second winner in the drawing was....Stephanie! Congratulations, Stephanie! She answered everything more or less correctly and got it in within the deadline I gave to her since my original deadline was before she even came home from vacation. So she got another day to get them in. Good job to her and to everyone who took the time to take the quiz and trip down memory lane with me in hopes of free prizes.

And now, for your edification, here are the answers:

1) Who or what do I consider my arch nemesis? Annapolis. Or more accurately, "the blasted city of Annapolis" as Stephanie, one of our winners you recall, answered.

2) Why is my kitchen linolium famous? There's a photo of it up on Cake Wrecks with my poopy Rudolph cake on top of it.

3) Who did Mark Austin tour with when I saw him in concert? Janis Ian. Remember, that's just one of the time when I got lost in Annapolis. You see how it all links together with me?

4) Say you chuck your model of the USS Constitution down two flights of stairs. Who could you get to fix that for you? Jerome Morris. Yes, that Mainer artist extraordinaire who indeed read my blog post about him and never spoke another word to me. I don't think he was nearly as amused as I was. I've said it before and I'll say it again: the theme of my blog is "It's funny when it's not you." On a related note, if you or your wealthy parents would like to pester Mr. Morris during a lovely and relaxing vacation to the coast of Maine, we rent our beautiful family cottage (it sleeps 6! Or 7 1/2 if you like couches!) out for the summer. Email me. We'll talk prices.

5) What is Michael Phelps's real name? Bob Carol. Oh, like he wouldn't be just as good at swimming with a name like that? Please.

6) What do I absolutely NOT OWN A COLLECTION OF? Barbie dolls. A non-collection that has grown since I last wrote about it, by the way.

7) Name one professional organization that is stalking me. DNC, NSA, FBI, Smithsonian . I'd tell them to give it up, but I fear I'm just too addictive.

8) Why is my dad so good at hiding Easter eggs? He is a former USAF intelligence officer trained in the art of being masterly sneaky. Or as Heidi, our first winner, put it, "Because he was a career USAF officer with Jason Bourne-like skills at hiding documents from the KGB-impersonating counterintelligence guys." Right on, Heidi.

9) They're foreign and ridiculously, unintentionally funny. Who are they? Celtic Thunder/Celtic Man. To quote Gwennifer, "I didn't realize it was possible to feel physically assaulted by a singing group, but I now know the feeling." So do the rest of us. So do the rest of us.

10) Who has mastered the art of the Evil Eye to the point of making me poop my pants? The ever-endearing, overly self-confident, and always entertaining Dr. Combat. Did I mention healthgrades.com tells you where your doctors work? And that it told me Dr. Combat is alive and still in the Army torturing others at yet another Army hospital? It's nice to know he hasn't been stripped of his natural environment.

Many thanks again to everyone who participated. I wish I was rich enough to give books to everyone who submitted answers because you all deserve it. For everyone but Heidi and Stephanie, go buy the book! If you buy the digital copy all proceeds go to the NieNie Fund; the hardcopy version gives all proceeds minus $8 printing costs. Hurry! Buy it! Be famous by association! And do something nice for a nice couple with four nice kids who suffered unmeasurable tragedy. Go. Buy. Help. And feel good about yourselves afterward.


Stephanie B said...

I'm *sniff* so *sniff* happy! I would like to thanks my kids for jumping all over me during the countless hours that I read your blog. Now I'm going to be hounding you everyday to see if its come in the mail yet. I'll even walk up to your house to get it!

Ryann said...

I can't believe that after hours of my hard work, I didn't win a book. Sadly, I've already donated my limit to the NieNie fund. So does that mean for us cheapies that we get a hint at what you wrote? Because really, that is why I wanted one in the first place-just to read you Abby!

it's just lisa said...

wait- are you saying it's too late to submit my answers? No? I still have time? OK, here I go:

1. Your children
2. Used to be George Washington's floor
3. Ryan Shoupe and the Rubber Band
4. Jerome Morris- who else?
5. Micheal Phelps
6. Barbies- but you do
7. Smithsonian
8. he has 2 brains
9. your friends
10. pretty much everyone- you are really sensitive.

Thanks for being a doll and letting me post my answers in the comments section.


Heidi said...

Woohoo!!! The fates have never decreed that I would win anything before. I can't wait to read the book!

Abby said...

Lisa, you are one of my favorite people, even if you did post all of the correct answers, proving I was lying before. It's true--all of you make me poop my pants. I hate you all.

And hooray again for Heidi and Stephanie! And Ryann, absolutely not!

Gwennifer said...


Abby said...

Ouch what? Your name was in the pot, same as everyone else's. Blame the fates.

And how about your contest? I see you've conveniently forgotten about it.

Gwennifer said...

The fact of the matter is, if anyone expected a good drawing...like, I actually tried to make it look like something you brag to your friends about, they were expecting too much. It'll be a good pictures, just not like...you know, Michaelangelo or anything.

Anyway, I know that that battle was a no brainer. The fact of the matter is, BSA is the only category I'm really pushing for one over another. I was keeping with the THEME of my post.

And Bambi vs. The Terminator? I'll let you waste your time with that slaughter.

Abby said...

That was my point: it's no contest. Just like your BSA battle.

What sorts of things are you best at drawing?

Gwennifer said...

Anything that can be augmented by floating stickmen making superfluous commentary.

Also things on fire.

it's just lisa said...

Oh Gwennifer I wish I could see some of those drawings, they sound just lovey.

Jacob and Mindy T. said...

I shouldn't have been so lazy and taken the quiz, but I bought the book already and in fact received it yesterday. :) Thanks for your post though because it inspired me to purchase one. :)