15 January 2009

Free Books and Quizzes for NieNie

Hey, hey, hey, remember when I told you about that blogger book that was being made for the NieNie Recovery Fund? And how a bunch of funny blog entries were chosen from 43 different authors (even me if you can stomach that) to make up this book to make it as funny as possible? And that all profits would go towards helping pay for the Nielson's medical bills and such? And how I would give you more information once the book was ready for purchase? WELL HANG ON TO YOUR HATS, 'CAUSE THE BOOK IS HERE. Grab a Kleenex if you have to.

SO. How can you procure this marvel for your very own coffee tables to wow and impress your friends, family, and unwanted houseguests (assuming they aren't all one and the same)? By clicking here, you silly ducks! Now, you'll also note that there is a downloadable version, allowing you to obtain The Brilliance within minutes rather than days, plus you avoid that mindboggling $5 shipping charge. On the other hand, you won't have anything to show off to people, plus it's hard to read it in the bathroom like that unless you drag your computer in there with you (if you do this, please don't tell me). But I'm not your mother so do whatever makes you happy. You know, just as long as you spend at least $19.60 (or multiples thereof) in the process.

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE. If there are two things my readers have in common, it's that they're incredibly cheap and lazy. I am nothing if not accommodating in this regard. This is why I've sold my soul for charity and will host The First and Hopefully Only Delusions of Grandeur Giveaway!! Here's how this will work. This will work for all you tightwads out there since as the prize you will get one hardcopy of "Something Cleverish" for your very own on my dime. As an added bonus, you will be getting the Special Limited Edition of "Something Cleverish!" Why so special you ask? Because I will personally forge all 42 autographs of every other author in the book, accompanied by personal wishes from each and every one! I will now place my fingers in my ears since I hear you all screaming something about illegalities and lawsuits. LA LA LA LA LA, I CAN'T HEAR YOU, MY CHARITABLE HEART IS DROWNING OUT ALL OF YOUR BUMMER WORDS.

For all you lazy folks (same folks mind you), you won't be as into this next part. You'll have to answer questions to get it, and don't tell me it ain't gonna happen because at least one person already said she'd do it; if you don't want her to get it, then get on the ball. The person who answers the most questions correctly (emailed to me; any answers posted in the comments section will be deleted) will get a FREE book either hand delivered or mailed to his or her very own residence! If more than one of you actually bothers with this and answers the same number correctly, I'll close my eyes and choose at random. Fair enough? Good. Then the rest of you hosers will have to buy the book on your own. (Remember! It's for charity! And it's funny! Buying it counts for 25+ points for getting into Heaven.) All of the answers for this quiz can be found within the bowels of this blog (i.e., you don't have to know me to get them right). All responses are due in my inbox by Tuesday (the 20th) night at midnight EST. And...GO!


1) Who or what do I consider my arch nemesis?

2) Why is my kitchen linolium famous?

3) Who did Mark Austin tour with when I saw him in concert?

4) Say you chuck your model of the USS Constitution down two flights of stairs. Who could you get to fix that for you?

5) What is Michael Phelps's real name?

6) What do I absolutely NOT OWN A COLLECTION OF?

7) Name one professional organization that is stalking me.

8) Why is my dad so good at hiding Easter eggs?

9) They're foreign and ridiculously, unintentionally funny. Who are they?

10) Who has mastered the art of the Evil Eye to the point of making me poop my pants?

See? Too easy. Remember, no answers in the comments; please email your answers instead. Feel free to use the comments section to ask questions about the blog book, though.

Seriously though, buy the book. Everyone always says to themselves, "Gosh, I'd love to help but I don't know how!" Here's how. It even makes it easy by taking PayPal. Go on. Do the right thing: buy and feel good about it now, and then feel amused several days from now. It's win-win.


Ryann said...

I can't believe that I just spent so much time looking for your answers! i have no life apparently...

Gwennifer said...

I believe I was thorough in my searching and answering.

Thanks for giving me something to do in lue of homework.

Abby said...

If I get even one more email from someone complaining about how much time they spent looking for these answers so they can get a FREE BOOK I will hit my computer. Do you hear that people? I do not think less of you for researching my blog. Why the crap do you think I did the quiz to begin with? I want you to reread it!! I enjoyed making the quiz and I love that people are actually answering it. It shows you care. And it also proves you're cheap enough to scour my blog to get a free book. GOOD ON YA. So enough with the inward put-downs and just get crackin', yo.

Jacob and Mindy T. said...

I am lazy so I just bought the book. LOL I'm sure I'll get a kick out of reading it so it's totally worth it for me. Thanks for giving the information on it. :)

Jacob and Mindy T. said...

I do care about your blog though FYI, just too tired to read right now or think. I'm blaming it on prego brain.

Stephanie B said...

How many pages is the book.

Abby said...

125 pages.

it's just lisa said...

Congrats on being an AUTHOR! you are so wonderful.