08 January 2009

Music Confuses Some Folks

I was at the base thrift store this afternoon. I pop in about once every six months just to make sure I'm not missing anything (I'm not). I did, however, come away with a $15 leather jacket that should fit Peanut in about 15 years, given his incredibly slow growth rate. I'll let you know if it looks cute on him.

While browsing the shelves I noted two music boxes. They're the kind of music box that has a resin figurine on top and on the bottom a prominent rotating circular plastic disk for a base that you wind for the music that also makes the figurine turn when it's set down again. You've all seen those, right? I'm not the only one, am I? Both of them were labeled "statue." Really. Statue. The people working here were likely born during the Coolidge administration and yet they've never seen this style of music box before? It's not a new-fangled technological wonder or something, it's a fricking music box. It even plays a little on its own when you pick it up. What is wrong with these people? And yet, you'll be happy to hear, they got the Dale Earnhart #8 mug description right on the money. I guess white trash, new or old, can't be bothered with contraptions like musical statues.

My other favorite label came in the toy section. Tangent: is it just me or is the toy section of the thrift store the scariest section in the whole building? Gives me the willies just looking at that stuff, riddled with disease and various bodily fluids from strange children. Blech.
Anyway, I noted a child's accordian on the shelf. It was in very good condition, and for $5 I briefly considered rescuing it, until I realized I would hate that sound after about two seconds. So I put it down. But not before noting its label description: "Noise Maker." I love it. What I would love more would be to walk into a music store and see a piano labeled the same thing. I think we should declare all musical instruments "noise makers," just for kicks and giggles. Who's with me?


Karie said...

Noise maker is so hilariously accurate! I say that should be a mandatory label on all children's musical instruments and the stupid toys with electronic sounds/music. Like the toy cell phones that beep when your kid hits a button, the plush ducks from Hallmark that quack when you squeeze them, that kind of thing. It should be a warning label! "WARNING: This toy is a noise maker and should only be given to children with deaf parents."

it's just lisa said...

too funny


you should have bought it. just imagine the possibilities.

Bonny said...

Have you been to "Once Upon A Child?" I love that place. It's one of my favorite stores.

Stephanie B said...

That is awesome. I could put that label on my daughter: Noise Maker.

R Max said...

You have children already... why get another noise maker?

I already have to say "Shut UP!" two hundred times a day.

(One thing I learned is to get them mp3 players...yes, they love me, and now all is silence in my world... )