03 December 2008

The Democrats Have Competition

Dear National Museum of American History,

I get that you're excited about reading about your various adventures/influences upon our lives and all. I really do. If I had millions of people visiting me every year I'd be stalking me, too. But nine looks at one blog entry in one day? And counting? Don't you think that's a little excessively egotistical? I will admit that I'm fairly irresistable in general, evidenced by the NSA, FBI, and the Democratic Party already beating you to the punch here; however, the blog entry about you won't change from the first time you look at to the tenth, OK? If you'd like, I can send you an email if I do change it in any little way so you'll quit losing sleep over it. Until then, assume it's the same and I haven't changed my story. Deal? Now get back to work educating the Amercian masses. Thank you for your valiant work.


1 comment:

Heidi said...

More proof that you are a very important person. Or that maybe it's time to go into hiding. One or the other.