03 January 2009

Rudolph the Poop-torsoed Reindeer

Huh. Forgot about my blog. And so did everyone else, so no one missed much. Hooray!

I just wanted to share our joy with you. "Our" refers to "my kitchen linoleum and I." We are thrilled because we're quasi-famous over on the Cake Wrecks site! Woohoo! The hideous Rudolph Christmas cake I bought from the grocery store down the road was featured on Christmas day (among other wrecks). I had to buy it because I was afraid it wouldn't be there when I came back with my camera. It came with a red plastic bow on top of the cover, supposedly either to distract your attention away from the cake itself, or apologize in advance for what you were about to see. Go see the wreck in all its glory here (it's about halfway down).

FYI, we did indeed eat the cake (it was chocolate). We saved the piece containing the poop-like head with creepy smile just for Peawhistle. She loved it. Then she ate it.

Question: what is all that crap in Rudolph's antlers? Anybody? Anybody?


Bonny said...

I most certainly did not forget about your blog. I was anxiously awaiting your return. Your DELICIOUS sugar cookies were infinitely more appealing looking than the poop cake you bought.

Heidi said...

Rudolph is just celebrating his diversity. At least, that's why I guess he's going for a multi-colored wreath stuck in his antlers.

Did that icing have the technicolor poop effect too?

treen said...

Awesome ... on the Cake Wrecks site, I did like the "Marry Christnos" one the best.

Stephanie B said...

That is awesome!!! You should submit our Dora cake to their website. I love it, it really does look like Rudolph is holding crap. Poop makes me giggle.

R Max said...

Classic icing faux pas... just cover the damage with lots of colours - the customer will never know.

I can't believe you actually ATE it... visions of sugar plums would not have been dancing in my head.

Sue said...

Congratulations on becoming cake famous. And your last comment on my blog made me giggle for a long time. Giggle and check to make sure the door was locked, but still.

(Kidding - nothing but love for ya)

Jody said...

I agree--there was no way you could pass that one up. That was hilarious. And it deserved the honor of being on Cake Wrecks. And I think I laughed harder that you bought it! Thanks for the laughs!

Abby said...

Oh R Max. If you knew me you would know there is no way I would let a cake go to waste whether it looked like crap or not.

If I recall (I didn't spend time looking) I don't believe I had the technicolor poo problem. I know it was keeping you up nights.

For the last time, Stephanie, we can't add the Dora cake because I didn't pay for it. SO STOP SUGGESTING IT.

elesa said...

Rudolph strung his antlers with Christmas tree lights. It's how young, hip reindeer get in the mood. And by that I mean the Christmas mood, of course, not the other mood.... oh, forget it.