24 December 2008

Merry Christmas! II

You know that email that goes around every year showing those photos of kids on Santa's lap, screaming in terror? I love that. Here's my favorite photo in that whole group, mostly because it's exactly what I would have done:

So classic.

We almost had a classic photo like that this year. Peanut wouldn't look at the camera, so Santa's "Helper" started with the incredibly loud doggy squeaky toy to grab his attention. The toy freaked him out. He started to get upset. She squeaked it some more, hoping that he would do a 180 and suddenly love the sound it made. Instead, he cried louder. Genius squeaked it more furiously, Peanut wailed more furiously. During all of this I am shouting over the din at this rocket scientist, "I think the toy is scaring him. Perhaps you should stop." Again with the squeaking, again with the crying, again with the shouting. We only got one photo of Peanut with Santa where he wasn't crying like the world was ending:

No, you can't see his face, but it's the best we've got. Just double what you see there and you've got it. You also can see PW's bruised lip from when she fell on the pavement outside Arlington National Cemetery on our jaunt to D.C. to see Stephen. And for some reason she has some weird lazy-eye action going on there. It's not normally there, so I'll assume it's the photographer's fault. Anyway. Merry Christmas and may your holidays be full of sugar cookies (friggin' jerks....).


Janie said...

too bad photoshop can't turn faces around yet - I actually like it though, like he's talking to santa

Merry Christmas

Bonny said...

When I first saw that picture I thought how adorable it was. PW looks beautiful (didn't notice any facial abnormalities) and PN seems enthralled by Santa. I understand your professional photography blues, and it's why I avoid such places at all costs. And your sugar cookies were absolutely scrumptious. Thatcher sat there licking the frosting and saying, "Yummmm!"

Heidi said...

They look cute! I think it's just fine-- quit being such a perfectionist already. Besides, when I see a picture where the kids are actually perfectly happy sitting on Santa's lap, I always suspect photoshop anyway. (Who wouldn't find sitting on the lap of a big furry stranger unsettling?)

Jody said...

The first thing I thought of when I saw the picture was--What cute kids! Then I thought--Where did Santa's hat go???? Maybe you could photoshop one on his head....

Abby said...

Jody, thank you for not poisoning us with your cookies. Now, that's true friendship. Santa's hat is next to him on his throne/chair. See it there? Guess it was scaring the kiddies or something. Not the dog toy. The hat.

I'm glad you all enjoyed the cookies, Bonny. I even made the frosting myself (Steph's recipe), can you believe it? THAT'S how much I love you for bringing me cookies. I would have brought Stephanie some too, but you know, I just watched her make like, 1,000 sugar cookies herself. I didn't think she needed more of the same.

Photoshopped Santa pictures? What would be the point?