11 December 2008

And YOU Thought I Wasn't Funny

The list of chosen authors for the NieNie Recovery Fund Book have been named and, miraculously, I'm one of them. Time to get down off the chair and untie the noose, Abby, you're going big time (for charity of course)! This is quite an honor indeed, since out of 350-400 (Sue liked to keep us guessing apparently; that, or she's senile and/or crazy) entries, only 40 (including Sue herself, and quasi-celebrities like Eric D. Snider and Seriously So Blessed's TAMN) were chosen. Holy crap.

A lot of you are here from Sue's blog and to you I say welcome. And I'll hazzard a guess and say most of you are also here wondering how on earth I got picked, seeing that I'm clearly unamusing in every sense of the word. I'm assuming I got picked pretty much because my post had exactly the right number of words they were looking for to fit in the book. I'm talented that way.

A great big thank you to Sue and her fellow judges for choosing my Post That Shall Be Unnamed Forthwith Upon Threat of Dismemberment By Sue. And even though I was going to name her in my suicide note if I didn't get picked, I still wouldn't have been angry if I hadn't been on Sue's short list in the end. Because, seriously.

Details about the book (includes 10% more Abby than last week!) and how you can purchase this wonder in publishing achievement will be forthcoming.


Janie said...

damn, i didn't make it.
but major congrats to you!!!

just kidding

you suck

now just then i really was kidding,

because i'm just jealous


What the beep? Congrats!

I love your writing- so much better then your talking- but not as good as your looking.

Abby said...

Um, thank you. Both of you. Really.

Sue said...

I don't even know how many entries there were. A lot. I like to switch up the number a little from time to time. Makes it ALL SO EXCITING.

And your post WAS funny. I laughed out loud. So there.

Jody said...

Congrats! I knew you had it in you. Can't wait to see which one was picked!

Stephanie B said...

Congratulations. Makes me want to get one now. You'll let us know when they come for sell, right?

Ryann said...

I KNEW that you would get picked!~ For that reason alone I've been anxiously awaiting the list. Congrats!

Benteti5 said...

I missed the beginning. What is NieNie? Is that a name or what? I see it on everyone's blog.

Bonny said...

Congratulations! You can imagine how excited I am to be friends with a celebrity now.

Gwennifer said...

Ew, Bonny. How long have you been RELATED to a celebrity and not been excited?

Lame sister.

Heidi said...

All the more reason you need to now hire a bodyguard.

But congratulations!!!!!

Abby said...

With the NSA, FBI, DNC, AND the Smithsonian stalking me, I'm not sure a bodyguard is good enough anymore.

Kristi, you know how sometimes some of the words in my posts are blue instead of black? Blue means those words are a link to a different page, or "webpage" as the kids are calling it these days. If you hold your mouse right over the top of those blue words, and then left-click on it, it will magically transport you to that different "webpage." We do that so inquisitive readers like you can have more information. Aren't we all so great like that?

Many thanks to all of you, especially Sue for lying for me so I look extra funny to the newbies.

Pfft, Gwennifer. You WISH you were me. Every. Day. Of. Your. Little. Tall. Life.

Karie said...

Awesome, Abby! Congratulations!

Benteti5 said...

Get out! Clicking blue words is like clicking my heels. Who knew? I'm too lazy for research crap. I've read the story and been so informed.
Side note. I've tried GPS's and hate them. They do help people with absolutely no sense of direction, but I have sense and they just piss me off.

elesa said...

woah, that is so cool! And I am obviously very much out of it because i don't even know what this Nie Nie thing is all about.