15 December 2008

Don't Say I Never Did Nothin' For Ya

In case you've forgotten, I don't like doing these things. As I've said before, I already volunteer WAY WAY WAY too much information on here as it is. However, I love Gwennifer with the intensity of a thousand medium-sized suns so I will finally get to the thingy she tagged me for on her blog. I would like to point out at this time that I suspect I was one of the eight people tagged for this because Gwennifer only knows eight people who have blogs. So really, it's not so much of an honor as it is an attempt to irritate everyone she knows. Regardless, I will appease the little twirp. That being said, I cannot guarantee I can think of eight things for every category. OK, here we roll.

8 favorite TV shows:
*Family Guy
*The Daily Show
*The Colbert Report
*Hogan's Heroes
*Criminal Minds
*The Office
*Whatever my neighbors are watching

2 favorite restaurants (pick one):
*The Palace Arms at the Brown Palace Hotel

8 things I did yesterday:
*Went to church
*Played the piano (please see comments section for a full disclosure of events)
*Made halos for the Christmas party nativity play
*Made dinner
*Watched the movie "Battle of Britain"
*Didn't crash the car
*Didn't murder anyone
*Didn't rob any banks

3 things I look forward to:
*Going to bed
*Eating dinner, followed by going to bed

3 things I love about fall:
*Hellish summer is finally over
*Almost winter!
*Those horrible children are finally back in school and not in my frontyard

8 things on my wishlist:
*Those horrible children will get off my lawn
*Jon Stewart will start stalking me
*Stephen Colbert will apologize to me
*Random passersby will give me money
*I won't ever have to cook again
*My car will fly
*The FDA's newest food pyramid recommending 6-8 servings of brownies per day
*A License to Kill


FRED said...

You forgot a few things from your "8 things I did yesterday" such as, watched in horror as your daughter (repeatedly) rolled down the handicap ramp while you played the piano for a musical number in sacrament meeting.

Abby said...

Yeah, or "yelled at my friend, Fred, for failing to do anything about it, despite the fact he was, oh, 2 inches from her." You're right, I'll add that right in.

FRED said...

That was actually my first thought, but then I decided to go with my first post.

Abby said...

FYI, I told the bishop the whole fiasco was your fault. Hope that's OK.

His parting words: "I'm just so happy when it's somebody else's kids instead of mine." That sums up my usual thoughts, too.

Bonny said...

Oh my gosh, Abby, watching your daughter roll down that ramp was so hilarious. The music was nice, too, but P.W. really stole the show. I was going to go over there and try to have her come sit with us, but then I felt weird about it b/c Fred was obviously watching her and obviously okay with her antics. And my favorite part of your post was the thing about the brownies. I'm all for that.

Heidi said...

Wish I could have enjoyed PW entertainment during church. I, too, fully enjoy it when it's someone else's kids.

Abby said...

"Fred was obviously watching her." Yeah, that was the problem. WATCHING instead of DOING. Remind me to never leave my kids in your care, Fred. They'll burn down the whole neighborhood before you take the matches away.

Karie said...

I wish I could have been there for Peawhistle's performance! Though it would have given my three-year-old some ideas I'd rather she didn't have....

Also: "The FDA's newest food pyramid recommending 6-8 servings of brownies per day."

Amen, sister, amen.

Abby said...

I'm so happy so many of us are in agreement on the brownie thing. We should send a letter.

Benteti5 said...

Who needs the FDA's approval. If you want to eat 8 brownies a day, go ahead. My pyramid looks a little different than theirs too.

Gwennifer said...

Dang, living in Utah means I have to miss out on things like careening children.

What a rip.