22 January 2008

A Time Had By All

I wasn't going to post today, because for the life of me there wasn't a thing to talk about. Good thing I checked the animation section of Netflix! I should begin by pointing out that I was in search of classic animated films. Unfortunately, they throw Anime crap in that section too, forcing me to go through page after page of the garbage to find anything worthwhile. While sifting through, I came upon a Korean claymation film called "Doggy Poo." You'll never guess what it's about! I'll post the description here and allow you the same horrifying discovery that I made:

This charmingly eccentric cartoon from Korea features a little mound of dog poo on a quest to find meaning and purpose in his life. Left all alone on the side of the road and feeling abandoned and helpless, he believes his life is without value. Luckily, the despondent poo is befriended by a dandelion sprite who helps him recognize his worth.

His worth? Seriously? Is this really entertaining to the kids in Asia? Are Koreans typically amused by poop? Although, I suppose I shouldn't rag on the Koreans and their horrible taste in claymation plots; afterall, was it not the stupidity of South Park that made Mr. Hankey--a piece of poop himself--famous seven years before the Koreans' version?

What is wrong with people anyway? ...Anyone?


Ryann said...

I am amazed at what people will produce these days!

judiroso said...
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judiroso said...


Benteti5 said...

This cartoon is directly related to your heroes show. I think the compass on many people is just spinning in circles. Either that or someone was extremely bored and thought it would be funny.