08 January 2008

Huckabee No More

I've been a Huckabee semi-supporter for some time now. I've researched his views, his stand on issues, personal life, and I'd come to the conclusion that out of all the candidates in this race, he best suited me and what I was looking for in a president. Unfortunately, this past week the tide has begun to turn for me on ol' Mike. While I've made it no secret that I am not a Romney supporter for the election, it is now more than obvious that despite what he says, Huckabee does indeed have something very personal against Romney and it has nothing to do with Romney's attack ads as he claims. We all know that Baptists think all Mormons are destined for the eternal fires of hell. There is no debate there. But just because you don't agree with someone religiously does not entitle you to use that as ammunition against them in a secular, political race. Has Romney attacked Huckabee because he's Baptist? Of course not. He sticks to the issues. I don't agree with his approach to those issues, but at least he sticks to them.
Mike talks about the other Republican candidates as if they are some of his closest friends. Romney? Quite the opposite. I was watching the NH Republican forum the other evening and Huckabee (who was sitting next to Romney) looked as if he could just barely contain his utter contempt for Mitt. He refused to even answer Mitt directly when he asked him a question. Now, I've seen this before. When someone refuses to even acknowledge a person who is right there, that is pure hatred, and silly, petty hatred at that. That person has shut their mind down completely and focuses on such a narrow train of thought--their own--that reason cannot penetrate. What good is that doing him? Or more than that, America as a whole?

Another thought--if he can't stand Mitt this much because of who he is, how will he feel about the Mormon Belt in the West? Are all those people beneath him as well? Can he be an effective president to people he despises? I say he cannot. This is a charcter flaw that refuses to be undone easily. Character flaws like that are deal breakers. Sorry Mike, but you blew it for me.

Now I'm on the hunt for yet another candidate that suits me. That the hunt is so difficult is what bruises my spirit and will the most.
Oh, and Romney? No one likes the attack ads. Enough.


Ryann said...

I missed the Republican debate but caught the Democrats (due to that lovely football game) but I am glad that you wrote that. I too have thought what does Mike think about the Mormon issue? I have also noticed the underlying repulsiveness.

And Hillary Clinton-really?

judiroso said...

I have only met you once and you were a hoot then and I think your blog is a hoot. I completely agree with you about Huckabee. I am in a huge quandry about this whole election.

-Ju (of the judiroso)

Abby said...

Hey Ju, we've actually met twice:

1) when we all went out to lunch together and I said you two would never fly all the way out here for my wedding and you were LIARS

2) at my wedding

judiroso said...

Aww...Thanks for reminding me, We did come to your wedding. Even after being called liars!