18 January 2008

BK Doesn't Do It My Way Anymore

The office coworkers series of Burger King commercials stand as some of the best ads I've ever seen. Here is the commercial that started it all:

That never gets old. And who would have thought that Joel McHale would go on to future glory as the host of The Soup, the reincarnated version of Talk Soup, originally hosted bt Greg Kinnear? He's a funny, funny individual.

Anyway, my point is that Burger King stopped making the office series (ending on the "episode" where the "I'm Spicy" guy gets fired because he guessed the wrong number in Joel's head) and they have not produced a good alternative since then. The ads with The King are unsettling at best, and the new line of annoying "Whopper Freakout" ads can't even make their point correctly. Naturally, if a person goes to BK and asks for a Whopper, suggesting that the person already enjoys Whoppers, of course they're going to be put out when told that the Whopper has been discontinued. Duh. It's not as if they were stopping people in the street who then freaked out, they targeted existing BK customers. I still don't like Whoppers, but more power to those folks who throw a hissy-fit when they can't get one.

Why can't BK bring back the good commercials? Why did it end the office ads? They won't make me eat at BK, but at least I'll be entertained during a commercial break.


Benteti5 said...

How do you not like Whoppers? They're the best hamburgers ever. Don't you love the commercial was the woman is heaving the turkey and can't pick it up and then it falls on the floor and then finally she yanks it up and it goes flying out the window and hits her husband in the back of the head. That one cracks me up every time.

Abby said...

I don't recall that one. Is it on YouTube?

Personally, I liked the commercial (can't remember what it's for) with the guy mowing his front lawn, but all he has is rocks in his yard and the rocks go flying everywhere out of his lawnmower, breaking stuff. And one of the rocks hits a missionary in the head and knocks him out and his oblivious companion keeps walking reading his scriptures. Classic.

And I don't like Whoppers because the meat tastes funky. Not as good as McD's in my opinion.

judiroso said...

That funky taste is the "flame broiled" taste. I am with you BK is nasty and I hate both the King commercials and the new freak out ones. What really gets me is that they have a halloween costume of the King. And the commercial with the lady and the turkey...I love that one, I laugh and laugh everytime and though I haven't seen the one you are talking about with the missionaries it sounds pretty funny too.

Benteti5 said...

I haven't seen the missionary one either, sounds funny. The turkey one was on t.v. around Thanksgiving, don't know if it's on u-tube. I also like the one where the woman was trying to be romantic and bought red, silk sheets. The guy sees them and gets excited and runs into the bedroom, jumps on the bed and slides out the apartment window. Maybe I like things flying out of the window.

Benteti5 said...

Found it.


Abby said...

Ha! I'm of the opinion that it's always funnier when the person being struck by an object lands prostrate on his/her face or side; it's also essential to the comedy that there be no perceptable movement afterwards, suggesting that the victim might possibly be dead--at the very least in a coma-like state. Death by turkey would be awesome.

And I tried to find the missionary one, but to no avail. I can't even find what it was advertising. Dang it.