08 January 2008

This is why you shouldn't rely on online quizzes

According to the quiz below, these are the candidates for me:

75% Hillary Clinton
72% Barack Obama
71% John Edwards
66% Joe Biden
65% Chris Dodd
65% Tom Tancredo
62% Bill Richardson
53% Rudy Giuliani
52% Mitt Romney
52% John McCain
51% Mike Huckabee
48% Fred Thompson
42% Mike Gravel
40% Dennis Kucinich
26% Ron Paul

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

I'm Republican. Honest. Now, I'll admit that I've become less strict about that since becoming an adult. At the most, I think I'm in the middle of the road. On certain topics I most definitely agree more with the Democrats' views (I think anyone who furiously believes in absolutely everything their chosen party supports as its platform is uneducated about the issues and a fool), but I tend to agree with Republican views more often, hence why I consider myself a member of that particular party.

Now look at the numbers up there again and tell me how that is possibly accurate in any way. I don't believe in voting creepy androids into office, particularly those who attempt to faux-cry their way into the White House. Depending on which idiot the Republicans put up, I could possibly see myself voting for Obama if it otherwise meant four more years of Bush-like lunacy (i.e. a Romney administration). But aside from that particular example, I just don't see it. And Guliani? The one-trick pony? No way! I still haven't figured out what he actually did with regard to 9/11. What did he do that would not have occured to absolutely anyone else in the exact same situation? The reason he's even gotten this far is because he happened to be there in NYC on 9/11, but he didn't send our troops to war in Iraq. Big deal. A word to America: stop voting for people who try to make us believe that their luck and their talents are the same thing.

I said this on a friend's blog and I'll say it again. Please don't rely on quizzes like these to do your voting/thinking/education for you. They are wholly inaccurate. They do not measure a person's core beliefs. A man can change his views on an issue over night (again, see Romney), but his character remains the same. Go with your gut, folks. Also, it never hurts to pray.

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Ryann said...

I love that line that luck and talents aren't the same thing. Well said.