30 January 2008

That'll Learn Ya

Well, I hope you've learned a valuable lesson: simply because you check every day doesn't mean I'll actually write anything new for you to read.

As I was sitting here, cursing the owners of various blogs I read for not updating their writings every 5 minutes, it occured to me that perhaps folks are getting bored with me for not updating my blog in at least a week. It passed through my mind that it had been a while, but nothing sprung to mind to write about so I forcefully extracted the thought from my brain. It was nothing I intended to lose sleep over. So now I give you, Random Thoughts.

First off, why is it that when I have Peanut on the changing table and he's looking up at me he is all smiles, talking, and laughing, but when I pick him he looks as if he just emerged from The Volcano ride at King's Dominion? I'm not picking him up by his toes and swinging him around the room, I'm simply picking him up and gently at that. Regardless of how slowly I pick him up, he reacts exactly the same way. I wonder what he'd do if I picked him up at 90mph? Look content? Spin his head around 360 degrees? Utter Shakespeare? Occasionally he'll be happily smiling on his changing table and suddenly he'll become wide-eyed and fling his limbs out in all directions as if he thinks he's falling. This perplexes me. Is the infant sense of balance so askew? Or is he already insane? Hm.

Despite my vague support for the Writers' Strike, I still would like to see the Oscars this year. My favorite part is always the In Memorium review. It informs me of who died and who died that I had forgotten had died. And yes, I still recall that Heath Ledger died. That was a shame.

McCain is the front-runner for the GOP as of now. Those who say Romney is ahead don't understand things like demographics. Do I want to vote for McCain? I've loved McCain since I first heard him speak in 1998. I said, "I like that man's politics. I hope he runs for president because I'll vote for him." And I've voted for him every time he's run. This time though, I dunno. Would I vote for him over Romney? Probably. So I guess that answers that. I liked him more when he was more of a moderate and not some right-wing nutjob just out to get the conservative nod. At least he isn't as blatant about it as Romney, but it's still disturbing. Surely there is a better way to appeal to the GOP masses. And that's all I have to say about that.

Peanut just awoke from a 4 1/2 hour nap in his car seat. This is approximately 4 hours and 20 minutes longer than he normally sleeps in his seat, which incidentally, is the only place he'll sleep aside from in my arms. He's on the Good List today. Peawhistle learned to write her name by herself today for the first time without encouragement from me in any form. This, among other good behavior today despite the odds, puts her on the Good List also. I am in a fine mood, especially compared with Monday when all hell broke loose and I was near the point of selling the children. Among other sinister activities that day, Peawhistle had clogged her toilet for the 50,000th time with her love and devotion to toilet paper, taking her father repeated plungings and a bottle of Drano to rectify. This was the least of her offenses; the others were too great for my feeble mind not to block out entirely. So I'm happy to know that it is possible for both children to be good at the same time. I'll definitely have to remember this moment.


judiroso said...

Sounds like peawhistle and Sophie have more in common than just looks. Her naps, not in my arms, last about 7-10 minutes, anything more than that and I am checking for breathing. Keep in mind that she is almost one.

Ryann said...

I love the mayhem! And yes, I was beginning to wonder after all of the drama on your blog, if you were returning. Hooray for new posts!

And shoot, I think that all of my kids slept better in their carseats than in cribs for months. Thank goodness those things were invented!

Abby said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one. And Peawhistle was just as bad as Peanut is now; she now sleeps like a champ at night, so I'm hoping there's a payoff for this hardship at the end.

Benteti5 said...

I love the names Peanut and Peawhistle. What are you talking about right-wing nut jobs? Aren't they all nut jobs? I'm still deciding on McCain. He kind of comes across as a one-upper, I am Legend kind of guy. If nothing else he cracks us up with his arms, kinda built like a bull-dog.
How do you add net photos to your blog? Is it just a cut and paste kind of thing?

Abby said...

Thanks! My dad used to call me Peawhistle and everyone calls their babies Peanut, so it all kinda fit.

McCain does look funny; I had never made the connection with bulldogs, but I see it now.

When you click on the photo button to add a pic to your blog, it gives you a choice of browsing your files or adding a URL of your choosing. We may be using different versions of blogs if yours doesn't do that.

Benteti5 said...

Think I need to update my blog to the new version. So my vote for #3 is either peaknuckle or peewee, ya think?

Misty D. said...

Number THREE? Um, Abby...

Peawhistle learned to write her name by herself today for the first time without encouragement from me in any form.

Is she writing the whole thing out, or just the first few letters? But still, that first letter is a doozy for kids! That's fantastic!

Abby said...

Number three, what? Don't post craziness on my blog. Weirdo.

She can write the first three letters, which is her nickname of course. She thinks she's writing the whole thing, but no. I'm still impressed myself.

Abby said...

Oh, oh, you meant in reference to Kristi's comment. I'm not pregnant, what, are you insane? Irish twins are not what we're going for here.

Peewee = Peewee Herman = creepy. If we have a creepy baby I'll consider naming him Peewee. Otherwise I'll have to think of something else.