01 March 2009

Consider This Product Plugged!

I just wanted to quickly share with you, my friends and stalkers, a product that I have recently purchased that I now love. I first saw this product on another Mommy Blog somewhere (can't recall which one now--sorry anonymous mom!), and gave it some thought at the time. Then Greta ranted and raved about the same thing on hers. Not known to be a liar (or at least that I know of...yet), I checked out the website and was sold! The Magic Product? The Baby Vac! The Baby Vac is a contraption that you hook onto your vacuum cleaner that sucks all the snot out of a baby's/toddler's/preschooler's/adult's nose. Yeehaw! And let me just tell you, this little sucker (pun not intended, but not avoided) totally works. Case in point:

Peawhistle and Peanut got sick about a few days apart, PW coming down with it first. I used the baby vac on PW once (she is capable of blowing her nose, even if not terribly effectively), and PN in the morning, before his naps, and before bedtime. Peanut's cold is now gone, and Peawhistle's is still hanging on with the running, stopped up nose and the coughing. Peanut never had the chance to cough because none of the mucus ever made its way into his little chest. It's a wonder, people. A fricking wonder.

How does it actually feel? I haven't tried it out myself, so I'll have to go by my kids' reactions. PW seemed taken aback by the contraption, but stood still long enough to get the job done. She coughed a little. And then she ran off none the worse for wear. Peanut...well, Peanut is, uh, "special" as always. Mind you, he's not scared of the nose-sucker at all. With his ever-increasing desire to morph into the family's household pet, Peanut is terrified of the vacuum cleaner. So it's not so much that he bawled and wailed because all the crap was getting sucked out of his nose, but rather the noise our ancient vacuum cleaner makes and I'm assuming how much he thinks it will eat him or something. So. Wasn't exactly a pleasant experience for him typically, but with Peanut very few things are. Take that for what it's worth.

If you're interested in obtaining one of these fine Snot Suckers for yourselves, the cheapest I've found online (which happens to be the same one Greta found) is sold by folks in New Zealand. It costs $22.99, and that includes shipping and handling. Not a bad price for something that's relatively easy to clean and won't get you just as sick in the process by asking you to suck out the mucus yourselves as some makers of proposed baby nose vacuums do, because ew. Also, they take PayPal, which makes them even more awesome. Why, I didn't even have to get up off my fat and lazy butt to find my credit card! These are my kinda people!


Jacob and Mindy T. said...

Interesting...that's the only thing I can think of. I would think hooked up to a vacuum that it would be too powerful but if you say it works, lady, I'll take your word for it. I might just have to invest in this bad boy!

Heidi said...

Definitely another product I'll keep in mind. I really haven't had a need for snot-sucking in the past, probably because I just a)let my kids suffer with clogged up noses or b)let the snot run down their faces. Don't you wish I was your mother?

Stephanie B said...

So my favorite line was, "With his ever-increasing desire to morph into the family's household pet, Peanut is terrified of the vacuum cleaner." So your kid is a pet & a witch. Man, is he talented.

I've got a gross story from my mission. We were teaching a lady from Africa. Her 10 month old had a bad cold and her nose was running. The mom saw it and put her mouth over her baby's nose and sucked. I was about to puke!

greta said...

isn't it the most AWESOME thing ever?!!!? angela asks daily, almost twice a day to use it. she even does it herself. she hooks it up, turns on the vacuum and sucks the snot right out. now i just need to teach her to clean the thing as well! i'm relieved that you like it. it's the best investment i've made in a LLLLOOOONNNNGGGG time!

Janie said...

Ok so I just had to go you tube it to see if you were real - or if it was a hoax on us

very cool

I want one

I think?

Jody said...

Vann and I watched the video on the website. Much better than Stephanie's snot-sucking investigator. Yuck! I still can't wrap my mind around it, though. Baby vac? What happens if you see gray matter? Maybe you should run it by one of your amazing doctors. ;)

Abby said...

Janie, why on earth would I go to the effort of lying about such a product? If this is the sort of thing your other friends would openly do on their blogs, then your other friends suck, no disrespect.

I think you all are seriously overestimating the suction power of your vacuums. In fact, it takes some time to actually get everything out of there because it's NOT that powerful. If your vacuum were powerful enough to suck that hard, it would be ripping the fibers out of your carpet rather than just the dirt loosely attached to it. Think people, think.

It's a good product. I'm glad I bought it. Even if it does make me gag to see all that snot getting sucked out of there. And Stephanie, if you don't quit telling that disgusting story I'll come over there and burn your house down.

Bonny said...

Stephanie's story was GROSS!

Are you and Greta getting commission from this company? Because you're doing a great job selling their product.