31 December 2009

"Let Them Frost Something Else!"

Peawhistle is watching SpongeBob, per usual. She's singing the opening theme song as "SpongeBob HotPants." Now THAT I'd like to see.

Speaking of SpongeBob.... Cakes! Yes, cakes. Now, if I had to guess, my most popular post to date is the Dora Cake post. (Don't agree? Send those disagreements to abbysspamfolder@gmail.com.) Anyway, if everyone learned anything from that post, it's that I suck.

This is a redemption post. For years I forced my mother to make my kids' birthday cakes so those kids wouldn't require therapy when they saw photos of them years from now. But when Peawhistle turned five, I decided to finally decorate a cake of my own. Now, if you recall I'm also sucky when it comes to drawing/artisty in general. However, over the years I've become much better about at least copying characters onto paper, or at least good enough so that PW thinks I'm awesome at it. So given her love affair with WALL-E (and seriously, who doesn't have a love affair with that guy?), I decided to make her a WALL-E cake. I drew it free-hand while looking at the DVD cover art. Trust me, the leaf looked better in person; the angle is making it look like mildew right there. Also, forgive the fact that I forgot to make his treads 3-D and just pay attention to the fact that you can at least tell what it was supposed to be over all.

Meh, it did the trick anyway. Motivated by my quasi-success, I decided to do Peanut's cake this year as well. And there is nothing in this world that Peanut loves more than SpongeBob. I chose to do a mixture of frosting and fondant, despite my utmost hatred for that crap. It was my first time working with fondant and if I had it to do all over again (yeah, I can really see that happening), I would have ignored their advice to roll it 1/4" thick and gone much, much thinner. And I wouldn't have hosed up the fricking eyelashes so much. But by and large, I think it turned out fairly well.

As Peawhistle pointed out repeatedly, he has no holes. Honestly, I'm pretty sure that would have hosed up the entire thing, so I'm glad I didn't. I also should have put the eyes closer together, but oh well. As for what is fondant, his eyes, teeth, nose, shirt, sleeves, arms, pant legs, legs, socks, and shoes. The shoes I had to paint using black frosting, which sucked for lightyears, but they turned out well. What sucked more was frosting the pant legs. I'm fairly certain now fondant wasn't ever meant to be frosted. That crap is slicker than snot.

Given this, I'm perplexed by the Dora Fiasco. It was clearly not the fault of Stephanie, but I must have some frosting ability somewhere, right? Apparently neither of us was ever meant to work in tandem. But I'll go ahead and blame her for it anyway.

So for all of you named Vann who laughed at the very IDEA of me frosting something other than a complete disaster, I DEMAND THAT YOU APOLOGIZE IMMEDIATELY. In cookies.


Heidi said...

See, here is physical proof that you love your children. I hope they appreciate it. If not, make sure you remind them frequently that nothing proves you love them more than being willing to waste your precious time working with fondant.

Kristin said...

Woah- These cakes look awesome Abby! Are you taking orders because Isaac's birthday is coming up in February. Seriously, think about it, this could be one of your callings in life :)

p.s. Are you planning a website update anytime soon? Your fans need their fix.

Stephanie B said...

Once again, Abby, I think you did an amazing job on both cakes. I'll take the credit for the Dora one. The skin coloring and the lazy eye were all my fault!

Percy the Cat said...

I have never had to make a cake, so I think your cakes are AWESOME!


Abby said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You're all terribly kind. And easy.

Kristin, surely you jest. You seriously want a cake for Isaac made by ME? I don't think you would, honestly. And are you telling me you still read THE website (blog I'm assuming actually, since it's the blog that I update)? The one that'll land me in prison? You're kidding. I swore I was the only one who still read it (cracks me up). You're a brave lady to even associate with it.

Stephanie, we both know it wasn't your fault. You were laughing too hard to see clearly. Laughing at me I might add. But that won't stop me from blaming you publicly anyway.

Leslie Green said...

Sponge Bob rocks! Wall-E's great as well. Truly-you have done a great thing for your kids!! I remember a Miss Piggy cake I had when I was 8 and I *insisted* that as the birthday girl, I get to eat the snout. Turns out it was a hollow prosthetic snout!!! I was scarred for life.

Kristin said...

Yeah I meant the blog...I read it every now and again. Sam always walks in the room when I'm giggling at it..okay laughing hysterically and he just doesn't get it!! Thanks for making it, YES I am actually thanking you :)

greta said...

wow, you really love your kids don't you. my kids are lucky if they get a cake at all. only because my kids wouldn't appreciate that kind of hard work until they are married themselves with kids and i'm not that patient. i need instant gratification. so for that, you're awesome abby!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Jody said...

We'll show Vann--we'll just have you bake Evelyn's birthday cake this month.... ;) Just kidding. You've already proven that you are an expert cake decorator. I'll get Vann right on those cookies!