28 December 2009

We Are Good Friends Now

If you recall (and by you, I mean none of you, apparently), I love me some catalogs! I still get enough catalogs to choke a horse, and I still read through all of them. Boy howdy, am I glad I do! Let me refer you to one catalog in particular. "Toys to Grow On" is full of toys that supposedly make your kid a genius. (Honestly parents, toys aren't going to keep your kid from being an idiot. I know this for a fact.) Anyway, the last time I got a catalog from these jerks I flipped through it, only to end up thoroughly delighted at what I'd found. There is a roll of paper called a "Create-A-Story Paper Center." Your budding author draws pictures on the top half of the roll of paper and writes his genius on the lower half. Fine idea (in some cases anyway). They have an example written and drawn of just what your little future MENSA offspring mayhaps could create. The story they've written goes like so: "A rabbit stole a carrot out of our garden, so I took a piano out of the rabbit's house. We are good friends now." No, I am most certainly NOT kidding. Where to start, where to start? First of all, props to the jerks who drew the accompanying picture of a rabbit holding a carrot while a kid barrels across a meadow hauling a piano. Good show.

Now, to the text. So, so many questions. I'll narrow them down to the most pressing: what the hell have you been teaching your children? Exaggerated retribution is the key to achieving lifelong friendship? OK, fine. Two can play at this.

"The next-door neighbor scratched the paint on my car, so I filled his house with scorpions. We're vacationing together next spring."

"A hobo begged for spare change, so I set him on fire. We're running together in the next election."

"Our dog peed in my shoe, so I chopped off his leg. We love each other so much."

"My teacher gave me a C on my last paper, so I turned her into the FBI for domestic terrorism. I'm testifying on her behalf tomorrow."

"Tommy teased me at recess today, so I heinously murdered his family and framed him for it. We're marrying right before he's hanged for it."

You get the gist. Essentially, these people think kids are certifiably insane. Now, some are, don't get me wrong. I've met more than my share I think. But all? And advertising those crazy children's innermost thoughts about the strange and complicated workings of society's norms? Eh. No.


greta said...

that is just plain 'ol AWESOME!

Jody said...

That is the funniest thing! I'm so glad you posted a picture to prove it because, I must say, I'd find this one hard to believe. Maybe you could write the advertising company with some of your ideas for their next catalog--maybe even include some artwork to go along with it....

Abby said...


elesa said...

oh, just one more reason you are my favorite. I cannot stop laughing. First I had to stop reading for a while so I could laugh myself silly at the picture. The kid running with the piano is so great. But your examples of how tit for tat builds friendship made my stomach hurt I was laughing so hard. My husband had to come in to make sure I was ok.

Abby said...

Elesa, you are the nicest person I know. Honest. My friends are JERKS (love you all!). TOTAL JERKS.

Heidi said...

I love it when your posts make me laugh out loud hysterically, even if my kids get panicky at the sound of it. Like Jody, I never would have believed it if you hadn't posted the picture. Who thought that up????

Janie said...

but I want to talk about sausages.


this made me laugh out loud too