28 December 2009

I've Got a Lot of Collecting to Do!

So apparently Barbie.com will be allowing commoners to vote for which career Barbie should have next. Barbie has been many a thing in her many years--most of them slutty. But I have a few items I'd like to see covered when voting time comes around. This means I expect you to submit them.

1) Civil War Re-enactor Barbie

2) GED Barbie

3) White Supremacist Barbie (with Skinhead Ken)

4) Homeless Barbie

5) Stalker Barbie

6) Dungeons and Dragons Player Barbie

7) "Ho's 'n' Bitches" Barbie (with Pimp Daddy Ken)

8) Tourette Syndrome Barbie

9) Meth Barbie

10) Telemarketer Barbie

11) Polygamist Sect Barbie

12) Glenn Beck Barbie

Get on that.


it's just lisa said...

I'm pretty sure I saw #5 in your collection already ;)

greta said...

what about the burkha barbie? oh, wait i think that they already have one of those.....

Heidi said...

#6! #6! That's my vote. Unless there's a trekkie barbie.

Percy the Cat said...

#6 FTW! lol

Abby said...

Percy has his own blog now? Amazing.

Heidi, I think they already did trekkie Barbie, or at least Star Trek Barbie.

Pretty sure they are working on brukha Barbie as we speak.

Lisa, have you ever been in my house? I'll have to introduce you to my collection.

Stephanie B said...

My favorite was #1. Awesome!