04 November 2008

Place "I Voted!" Sticker Here

So much to write about, so much time spent reading everybody else's blogs instead.

Yes, I voted today, thank you for asking/questioning my patriotism and dedication to the democratic process. But voted for who?? YOU'LL NEVER KNOW BECAUSE I'M NOT GOING TO TELL YOU.

Seriously though, it was McCain. I ignored the fact that he had a running mate. Ah, McCain. The only time I'll finally get to vote for you for president and you have to go and do a whole bunch of stupid crap to make me question my loyalty to you. I admired your stance against torture, what with your firsthand knowledge of it and all. I admired your willingness to work with members of both parties just to get the job done. I admired your voting against allowing people with no money to be given large mortgages that they would never have a chance of repaying which would drag the economy and dump it in the toilet. I admired that your tax plan that would save me more money than Obama's. I liked your healthcare reform plan and how it seemed to work best with what we have now.

I did not appreciate the idiot you picked as your VP, however. What were you thinking, my man? Did it have anything to do with your recent crawl towards the extreme right? Did you honestly think your new campaign strategy didn't appeal enough to Conservatives to the point that you would need to drag along an induhvidual like Palin to keep right-wingers from voting for Obama? Seriously? And I think rabid Hillary fans would have voted for you whether you had a woman on the ticket or not--they were voting against Obama, not for you. If nothing else, dumping Palin on the ticket likely turned many of them off to the point where they thought they might be better off with Obama afterall. Some folks believe that once you're elected Palin will get quickly swept back under the rug. I hope to Hannah that they're right. As much as I didn't want him as president, I think Romney would have made a far better VP candidate. Maybe the McCain camp figured he'd already been dragged in the mud and that would have been brought up all over again if he'd picked him. Who knows.

But in all seriousness, I do believe Obama will win. Liberals/Democrats will vote for him, and heaven knows Bush has upped their membership numbers. The poor and disadvantaged will vote for him, and heaven knows the country's numbers of those are growing. Minorities will vote for him, and heaven knows they've waited a long time to feel like they're being represented in the Oval Office. And everyone else who is disillusioned with the government of today will swing left and vote for him just to get a breath of change, and heaven knows I don't blame them for it. So be prepared to witness history, people!

If you all failed to see it on youtube, you are missing out. The Annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner is a venue in which each presidential candidate (the two that count, you silly people) roasts the other in front of an audience. I gotta say, their writers did a fabulous job. And McCain did a great job delivering it, too. If only he had humor writers in reality, too....

Yes, each video clip is 6-7 minutes long, so if you have to do it in spurts, do it. It's worth it. The first two are of McCain's bit, and the last two are Obama's. Both did a great job of poking fun at themselves and their opponents.


Bonny said...

As one of the poor and disadvantaged, I'm about to head over to the elementary school and swing left and vote for Obama. Thanks for your take on the subject.

Benteti5 said...

Man, you're so cryptic. Who knows what you really think?

April said...

Awesome...I love that post. I voted for OBAMA!

I just love Sarah though...she's adorable.


Abby thanks for posting. I'm feeling nervous to find out who is going to win... but I guess I already know... what can I say....AHHHHH!

Abby said...

I didn't mean EVERYONE, Bonny, you smart-alec.

Yeah. Adorable.

Ryann said...

That was really great. Thanks for sharing it!