05 November 2008

No One Likes an "I Told You So."

But that won't stop me from giving you one. And I'm not talking about yesterday, I'm talking about nearly a year ago when I said if the DNC could get Barack on the ticket, he would win the White House, and not just because Democrats would vote him in, but because Republicans would, too. (Go read it again; it was good. I'll wait.) He won the election nearly as handily as Reagan won the first time around. And I say, he deserved the win. Well done, Obama. Well done on a hard fight won. Now, please don't screw it up.

As for McCain's loss, I blame Bush. Last night I was angry. Not angry with Barack--as I said, he did a good job and he deserved the win. No, I was angry with Bush--to the point of shaking. I have wanted nothing more in the past ten years than to see my boy, McCain, in the Oval Office. And that IDIOT Bush took it from him. He first took it from him back in 2000. And why did he win? How could a man who is the most retarded a human being can be without being on life support win over someone as qualified as McCain? Name recognition. That's it. He had a famous last name. Retarded or not, he took the Primaries (which cost me no small degree of consternation at the time, I can tell you that) and left McCain in the dust.

I waited for eight years for McCain to be able to run again, all the while aging away. And what did Bush do in that time? What? What's that you say? Make everyone who has ever lived or ever will live hate our ever-living guts? Blow trillions of dollars we don't have on a war that "would pay for itself"? Conveniently forget to capture Bin Laden when it no longer served his purposes? DING DING DING DING! And what did that do for us? It made Americans hate Bush and every single thing that he has ever been associated with, especially my political party and MY CANDIDATE. He stole the White House from McCain in 2000 and he stole it from him again in 2008. I can't wait for that idiot to leave.

McCain and I have had our differences, many of which I have voiced on this blog in the past, and I had to have a long heart-to-heart with him before I voted in this election. This entire past month I seriously weighed the pros and cons of Obama and McCain before I cast my vote yesterday. What I finally realized that what I had admired and loved about McCain ten years ago hadn't changed much. Yeah, he's older and he got a little desperate (hard lesson learned from that campaign against Bush), and possibly a little stupid (*coughpalincough*), but the core was still intact. That's what I'd been looking for all along, and that's what I found again before I checked his name. We don't always agree on issues, but we agree on principles, and that's I wanted in my president.


Anyway. What's done is done. And on to much stranger 100th post-worthy news (this is my 100th post, after all), my post yesterday was featured (and by featured, I mean a vaguely worded link was made to my blog) in something called The Mormon Times! What? When did we get this? Apparently it is a website-based subsidiary of the Deseret News and is dedicated to keeping Mormons up to date with whatever it is we need to know or something. They have a section on LDS-oriented blogs and blogrolls ("containing the best of what we've seen from the world of LDS-oriented blog sites"), and for yesterday's Election Day coverage mine was the personal blog linked to. Thanks for the shout-out, Emily Jensen, whoever you are! Pity she hadn't chosen a post that was actually worth linking to, but hey, I'll take what I can get. I'm famous! W00t!

And I know I just included videos yesterday, but today's video is in true honor of McCain. And it's only a minute and a half. It's one of my favorite campaign ads of all time:


treen said...

I love this post, and I will link to it on my politics blog. I did go back and read what you wrote after the VA primary, and I agree. You should be a commentator. You're much better than any of the windbags that are out there now.

Holly said...

'swift boat on the other foot...take that republicans'


As always...loved your post. Thought the palin cough was golden.

Heidi said...

Sorry, Abby, I just can't sympathize. The only reason that I voted for McCain is because I despise Obama more. Seriously, you know my world is upside down when both Terence and I agreed yesterday that if we could have we would have voted for Hillary over them both. And that is from a woman who at the beginning of the primaries who swore she would vote for HRC over her dead body. OH well, it's a good thing you're still my friend even if we don't agree on politics...what would I do without you?

Heidi said...

PS Your new blog header looks great! You're definitely one hot chica!

April said...

What an awesome post! Thanks for the button linky by the way!

I voted for Obama, and at heart I think I was always an Obama girl. I just can't like McCain...sorry :(

Shellie said...

I agree, he won it handily and deservedly, but I also agree that 8 years ago McCain should have been the candidate instead of Bush.