23 June 2008

Is It That Time of Year Already?

I tend to plan out Halloween outfits for Peawhistle pretty far in advance. Her first year she wore a onesie that announced it was her first Halloween. Then she went to bed. The next year she was a bat for her first year of trick-or-treating (actual Peawhistle not pictured):

The following year she was a sheep of my own making (translation, a gray sweatsuit with ears and a tail sewed on; no, I don't have a photo. You'll just have to trust me).

And the year after that, she was a sailorette, and an incredibly cute one at that (again, that's not PW; I'm too lazy to find an actual photo of her to upload).

This year I'm leaning towards two outfits: a pirate princess or a mailman. Both are fabulous.

Although PW has expressed an interest in being a farmer when she grows up, I cannot find a good costume for one. Of the two pictured here, she says she prefers the postman outfit, and I have to agree with her. It's fantastic. Although that pirate princess is pretty adorable, too. Thoughts?


Stephanie B said...

Well "pirate princess" is a nice way to say that she's a WENCH. I don't really think there is such thing as a pirate princess, but nice try, Marketing department!

I love the post man. Awesome!

Misty D. said...

I'll find her a farmer something or other. If I could make her a sailor, then I can make her a farmer!

I think the Postal Worker (will she be carrying a water gun, too?) would be the more practical choice, as you never can tell just how cold it will be. I think pants would be a capital idea.

Abby said...

You never saw Pirates of Penzance? Angela Lansbury played a pirate herself. She looked kinda like that, but with pants. I'll have to loan it to you. Just as soon as you finish the other dang movies you haven't watched.

This isn't Utah. It won't be cold in October. Unfortunately.

paws said...

What a tease! What happened at church?!

Abby said...

Oh! I summed it up in the comments section of the post. Lousy Stake RS secretary, can you believe that? I was pretty bummed.