17 June 2008

Dare to be Stupid

So there's a blog I stalk (one of many--if that's not an indication that my friends don't blog enough, I don't know what is). The authoress was having a pretty rough week and instead of asking for comments of support, she asked for other people's examples of stupidity to make her feel better. Naturally, I was able to contribute a couple of items, one of which was the open van door story. The other was college stupidity from my friend, Heidi, and me.

Anyway, reading through everyone's comments has been marvelous. I came across one story that has completely made my day. The poster's friend had actually done this, hence the third-person references. I couldn't not share it:

"She was running late to pick up her kid from preschool and still needed to shower. She ran into her hubbies office (he works from home) and handed him the baby while she jumped into the shower.When she got out she ran in to get the baby (totally naked)and heard someone giggling. She then realized that the conference call her hubby was on was a video conference call. Oh wait, it gets better: she turned to run out of the room and ran right into the door jam and fell flat on her back. She laid there for a minute trying to decide what to do, then got on her hands and knees and crawled out into the hall. She later went and checked the camera to see what the view was, and found out they could see the whole office floor and hallway. They saw her crawling out in all her glory."

And my second-favorite:

"One time I went to a movie. When I couldn't find my keys afterward, I realized I had locked them in the car. Which was running. For two hours."

That's something I would wind up doing. Everybody's stupid sometimes--I think that's comforting and terrifying at the same time.

And a quick shout-out to my homey, Misty, who in my darkest hour sent me my favoritest cookie of all time, a giant, pink-frosted sugar cookie with sprinkles on top in the mail. I love you and the money you spent to send it. GOSH, I WISH ALL OF MY FRIENDS WOULD SEND ME GIANT, PINK-FROSTED SUGAR COOKIES WITH SPRINKLES ON TOP.


Stephanie B said...

I laughed so hard at that story. Oh, man, that sounds like something that might actually happen to me.

So, next time you want me to mail you the cookies instead taking them to your house? Well, those snickerdoodles are going to be STA-ALE!!!

Misty D. said...

Oh, it was a pre-packaged cookie, so it was chock-full of preservatives.

And I posted the falling story on your friend's blog. It was that, or how I was evicted so a lecherous, chain-smoking alcoholic could have my room.

judiroso said...

That was one funny story! Oh the embarrassment!

Abby said...

No, Stephanie, I expect them delivered by carrier pigeon next time. So start training.

And many thanks for the snickerdoodles, lady. Eating half the lot comforted me after locking the kids in the fricking car. I don't think I want my car to lock anymore. Really.

Janie said...

I met a cop going the wrong way down a one-way, I just squeezed around him, waved and mouthed "sorry" - he looked so dazed and confused but let me go - I think he forgave my stupid moment.

Abby said...

Not too long ago a cop watched me do something stupid and stopped me. I argued with him. He let me go.

heidi said...

I just have to ask, Abby- what particular stupid moment from our college years were you sharing? Nothing stands out terribly to me now, only because I've done so very many stupid things as a parent that I can barely even remember college at all. (It's so wonderful to hear that I'm not the only one whose brain is apparently switched off at times!)

Abby said...

That would be "the smoking incident." If you recall.