15 September 2008

A Quick Plea

Overheard in Primary yesterday:

Primary President: Do any of you kids have any experiences with praying?
Senior Primary Girl: I do! I once prayed to Heavenly Father that I would get a Wii for Christmas and I DID!

Small request to parents: is there any possible way that you can teach your children the difference between God and Santa Claus? Thank you so very much.

[Fun times warning! I love this video. "I can see Russia from my house!"]


treen said...

Holy crap, Abby! That video was ... I don't even know. I'm speechless.

Jody said...

If only I could pray with faith like that, we too could have a WII!

Jacob and Mindy T. said...

LOL, yes...I will make sure I teach my son the difference between Heavenly Father and Santa Claus! Thanks for the advice.

Stephanie B said...

I loved that video. Lipstick, its lipstick, lipstick.



FUNNY FUNNY VIDEO!!! I can't wait for Jason to come home so I can show him it. But then I will send him away again so I can keep playing on the computer.

Gwennifer said...

"I don't know what that is!"

I saw the vicious attack on Miss Palin and Senator Saxophone a few days. I agree, it's great.

Gwennifer said...

A few days AGO. Excuse me, AGO.