23 February 2008

Success! Sort of.

Peawhistle has finally earned back half of her toys. She has consistently cleaned up her toys every night for two weeks. Mind you, she often required coaching ("Where does the teddy bear go? Go put it where it goes. Where do the Mr. Potato Head pieces go? Go put them in their case.") and in some cases threats, but she has at least always finished the job before bed. It was like Christmas again to rescue two whole bags of toys from the depths of our closet; the reunion between Peawhistle and her stuffed Dumbo was especially touching. I've reminded her that if she fails to put away these new toys they will go right back into my closet. Her assurances that she has turned over a new leaf in this department I'll admit are not terribly encouraging, particularly given her many broken promises to leave the cat alone (at least once a day I'm forced to rescue a crying cat from beneath Peawhistle's weight). So only time will tell if her toys remain hers hereafter.

Peanut had his 4-mo-old visit the other day. Despite me being convinced that he weighs a ton, he hasn't even made it to 12 lbs yet. Peawhistle was much the same way, meaning he will hopefully catch up to a normal size and weight by two. At least he won't look as strange without hair at two like she did.

On a side note, does anyone know of a good solution for baby constipation? Mind you he won't take a bottle, ruling out juices and fiber/laxatives. Suppositories only get part of the job done, and nothing else seems to work, despite him obviously straining. Thoughts?


Misty D. said...

You can try finger-feeding him some juice, and that will work, other than shoving a bottle in his mouth and let him cry.

Unfortunately, whenever I had this problem with the kids I nannied, they took bottles, and it wasn't a problem.

growingapair said...

Hmmm... I'm stumped on the pooping. I went through this with Noise and did some tummy massage, clockwise circles and gently massaging downward... but mostly this just made him fart.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Stephanie B said...

What if you ate more fiber... just kidding. I guess you could use a medicine dropper and feed him some prune juice. Or you could even try feeding him prunes - which aren't that bad.

Abby said...

Thanks for the suggestions, all. [WARNING: BAD PUN AHEAD] I'll let you know how it all comes out.