28 February 2008

Every Democrat in America Reads My Blog

Or so it would seem, given that they've abandoned Hillary and gone with Obama. Seems they want the White House badly enough. Good for them for thinking before they vote.

An Obama-McCain presidential race will be a good one. I think this will make the first time in years I haven't been plagued with that lesser-of-two-evils thing. I'm actually starting to get excited about November; I dare say, possibly even giddy. And all because Hillary decided to self-destruct when it became obvious to her that she wasn't going to win the bid as easily as she thought. The desperation on her part is getting just plain sad. Everyone knows that anything that could possibly be less than good about Obama that's been picked up by the press was intentionally put there by her campaign. It's now so transparent that everyone just tunes it out. Why, he could be an actual terrorist and we'd never know it because we'd just chalk it up to Hillary freaking out. If he blows up the White House, I'm blaming her. I also loved it when she mocked Obama at a rally for being bi-partisan and optimistic. Really? What are we supposed to be voting for? Stubborn stupidity and an end-of-the-world mentality? Please. Even I think we can give the Democrats a little more credit than that.

By the way, I've solved the whole running-mate quandry every presidential candidate has to deal with. McCain's running mate will be Obama and Obama's running mate will be McCain. It will be kinda like it was over a century ago when the loser became the VP; so I guess it's not so much as solving the problem on my own, but rather bringing back a good idea. They'll still have to debate each other about who would make the better president, but either way they both make it in. That would make people happy, wouldn't you think? And then we can all hold hands, sing "Reunited" together, and cry (mostly because we've been reduced to singing "Reunited." Terrible song.).

I'm such a friggin' genius, it's scary.


Benteti5 said...

I think that would be a good plan. That way we have two baskets cuz sometimes you feel like hard-boiled and sometimes you want the candy.

Abby said...

Good analogy. Which one is harboiled? McCain?

By the by, I've updated the Ugly Baby entry to include the earliest photo of PW that I have electronically available to me. A few months off, but I still think it helps make my case.

Benteti5 said...

I would say McCain is the hard-boiled one too. I can never turn down a deviled egg, but then again, an egg full of peanut M&M's might get my goat.
PW had those kind of cheeks just like my sumo babies. So chunky you can just squeeze the crap of those cute things.