07 February 2008

Romney's a Gone-Gone

So Romney has dropped out. It's just as well and this way he keeps his dignity and the rest of his cash in tact. Good on him. I'm sure he's a perfectly nice and decent fellow; in fact, I've been told by many that he genuinely is. I just don't want him for my president. Now if only Huck would drop the act and bow out too we could be done with this fiasco altogether and get on with it.

And did I mention that I had a dream about Romney the other night? I dreamt I was the organist at one of his campaign fundraisers. Apparently my subconscience has no idea what goes on at political fundraisers. This, coupled with my Matt Damon dream, leads me to conclude that I'm retarded when I'm asleep. The jury's still out on my intellectual status when I'm awake.


Misty D. said...

I was kind of sad when I heard that. I even gasped. I still wasn't sure I wanted him as PotUS, but he seems less smarmy than McCain.

I can't stand McCain. And if it comes down to McCain and Hillary, I'm moving to france.

Abby said...

France? Have a little dignity, Misty.

judiroso said...

I am really sad he is out. I wanted him for POTUS, I think he would be great! There is no way in H*#$ that I will vote for McCain. I guess I will be voting for Hillary, we already had her as President for 8 years, so what is 4more. At least with her we know what we are getting! -Ju