18 December 2007

Evidence of Good Genes

It's about here that I would add a photo of myself since I'm the subject of my glory-blog. However, I've found that I'm not nearly as attractive as my gorgeous daughter, Peawhistle, and adorable son, Peanut. I dare you to produce children as perfect as they appear to be.

My family believes these children to be angels in disguise. My brother commented recently, after I had lamented Peawhistle throwing a temper tantrum after her gymnastics lesson, that he could not possibly imagine her doing such a thing. I suppose since he had never witnessed her in a disagreeable mood that he only assumed she was incapable of such contrary thinking and behavior. I myself try not to believe that she is capable of said thinking and behavior, however it manages to happen just the same. Oh, and her brother, being an infant, cries a lot. So there's his faulty behavior. But gosh, they sure look fabulous, don't they?


Ryann said...

They are gorgeous children. It is hard to imagine them throwing fits!

Abby said...

You know, I had a friend (a mother of 9000 children or something) tell me that the first thing she noticed about that photo was not the kids or their outfits or anything, but our clean, white carpet. That cracked me up. I told her that's what we were actually photographing, but the kids got in the way.

And you can thank the Husband for that lovely carpet, too--he's particularly fastidious about that.