16 June 2010

Dear Abby

Well at least it's been less than a month since my last post, so you can thank your lucky stars for that tonight.

So this is what I lay awake thinking about a few nights ago:



On a related note, after high school I worked for a Korean man who pronounced my name A.B. Yes, like the first two letters of the alphabet. And then I had a college professor who had, I'm assuming, NEVER heard the name Abigail before in his life, despite it being a biblical and popular name. The man could not pronounce it to save his life. So I begged him to just call me Abby (most professors just stuck with your given name and didn't care about your stupid nickname).

Also, in reference to the title of this post, here is what I get from every single person who has ever written me a letter or email for the first time:

Dear Abby,

Oh my gosh! I didn't even realize the connection between your name and that old lady who answers questions! How funny!

Every. Time.

Aren't you glad you waited for this?


elesa said...

Dear Abby,

Why is your name so dumb? Couldn't you somehow think your way to a much less dumb name? I really think you should try.

And I will have you know that I always had every intention of naming my first daughter Abigail, and totally would have, except my best friend beat me to it. So there.

Heidi said...

I swear over my own dead body that I did not make any reference to the advice giver in the first ever email I wrote you.

I can't guarantee I made much sense since I seem to remember typing random stories instead of coherent sentences, but I know I didn't mention the "Dear Abby" thing. Then again, I don't think I've ever addressed a letter to you as "Dear Abby" anyway. (Right, Abigailness?)

Holly said...

Dear Abby,

I'm so glad you're back. I was beginning to go through Abby withdrawals.


Chuckling in Chicago

greta said...

i agree with heidi. i've never made any reference to the advice giver either! pft.

and abby, your so silly. i would have killed for your name when i was a child. i would have LOVED your name. my name was torturous. soooo many people made fun of my name. sigh. we always want what we can't have i suppose.

oh, and i too have missed you :)
like i've told you before, you have such a vast amount of knowledge in that brain of yours, you are doing your minions an injustice by not sharing said knowledge. so, give it up!

Misty D. said...

Can I call you Kathy?

Misty D. said...
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