13 May 2009

Hey! Guess What I Won and You Therefore Did Not?

I actually won a blogger giveaway, can you believe it?? I cannot. As I told Lovely Loralee at the time, this is the first time I've won anything without resorting to my usual solution of bribery or life-threatening letters in the mail. I'm so excited I could absolutely assault a stranger!

And what piece of fantastickery did I win? An awesomely Martha Stewartesque homemade apron, seen here:

She herself took this photo (I have yet to receive actual physical evidence of my win. Because she failed to FedEx-Overnight it to me for some strange reason) so I don't see any reason to take another once I get it, and certainly no reason for me myself to model it since I am far too careful to post my actual face (can you imagine the large-scale international kidnapping effort that would be underway within minutes?? Why, it absolutely boggles the paranoid mind.). So if I do post another photo of it in my possession, it will be modeled by one of the Peas or Tic. I prefer the option of Tic if for no other reason than it would really piss her off and the photo I'd get of her would be her racing away with an apron tied around her neck. And how is that possibly not entertainment?

Thanks Loralee! I'll thank you even more once I find out it's not all one Big Fat Lie!


Stephanie B said...

cute apron!

Gwennifer said...

You completely misunderstood me! I wasn't trying to guilt you, I just thought it was funny that two such distant events fell on the same day! Honestly!

Loralee and the gang... said...

It's not a lie! I swear, and promise! And I didn't FedEx it overnight; can you imagine how spendy THAT would be, sent from Idaho clear up to Maine! Heavens! But I will for sure send it out by the end of the week,so you should get it by the end of next. Or by June. Whatever. But I won't procrastinate for 7 months or some crazy amount of time like another other Giveaway Giver ;)

Loralee and the gang... said...

. . . I mean Maryland. Wherever. It'll get there.

Heidi said...

Ah, come on Abby, model the apron for us!

Jody said...

I would love to see video of you trying to get the apron on Tic. Now that would be good.