15 May 2009

Crap! Get Yer Crap Rightchere!

Hey, have you ever looked at my stuff and thought, "Man, what I wouldn't give to have some of Abby's crap!" Well, your wildest dreams are about to come true, friend! I'm selling some of our Very Desirable Crap here at our multi-family yardsale Saturday morning from 8-12 (though rain is expected at around 10ish or so, so you best get up bright and early to catch the great offerings of crap I've got goin' on).

So come on down and give me cash! I promise to give you something in return!


it's just lisa said...

I promise to give you something in return

-- just the thought of that freaks me out.

Jody said...

After that description, how could I pass that up???

Melissa said...

see you at 8a!

Jody said...

Best purchase I've made in a LONG time. That toy has provided hours of entertainment. Thanks!

Abby said...

Lisa, I don't know what goes on in that scary mind of yours but I'm fairly certain it's freakier than even what goes on in mine.

Jody, you are a saint. Thank you for coming buy and buying some of PW's crap. You made her day. And weren't you sweet to actually buy something, even though we had absolutely nothing of value to sell (hence, why we were getting rid of it)! You're wonderful. May you go to bed early to make up for this morning's early arisal.