28 April 2008

FINE, I'll Post.

Can't a lady get a two-week break around here without all y'alls whining about it? As my father often reminded us in our youth, "I was not put on this earth to entertain you." I always suspected this was a lie, though. What other purpose could he possibly have?

Speaking of lousy friends, my lovely friend who I never speak to, Trina, finally bit the bullet and started a blog of her own. One of the first entries she wrote described her trek to the Mall in D.C. to see the Stephen Colbert portrait at the National Portrait Gallery. No, I never did get to see it after swearing on the grave of Al Gore that I would. Stephanie has yet to forgive me for that affair and I've been expecting her therapy bills for some time now. In the mean time, after having experienced a heathly dose of The Flu herself, she insisted that I give it a go myself, which I did. She found this hilarious.

Incapable of barely leaving my bed, let alone my house for an entire week, needless to say I did not make it to see Colbert-on-a-Wall. When I informed Sweet Trina of my hatred for her due to her having seen it and my not (she is at the upper-right with her adorable offspring who I hate to point out cannot possibly appreciate the magnitude of the momentous situation she finds herself in there), she responded with a sympathetic "NEENER NEENER!!!" See, this is why I hate my friends. That should be ME she's holding, dammit.

Aside from crying myself to sleep on my little pillow every night, I can't think of much that's been going on here as of late. I went to Ms. Leslie's bridal shower over the weekend and got to catch up with her, Ryann, and a bunch of people I don't know but who I'm sure are nicer than people I usually associate with. When I'd introduce myself to people they all said, "Are you the Abby who comments on Ryann's blog so much?" OK, 1) Yes. 2) "So much"? I don't consider myself a prolific commenter on blogs, much as I am not a prolific commentor in person. I comment when there's something to say; otherwise I like to keep it shut. This makes me think that if I am considered a big blog comment-leaver-person, then everybody else sucks for commenting even less than I do. What, like you have something better to do? NO EXCUSES. And 3) How strange to be known for that. How the crap did they even guess that? I don't remember the people who post on my own blog, and I supposedly know most of them, many of them very well. Someone else's blog? Not a chance. Their memory for such things astounds me. My memory capacity is used up storing away word-for-word conversations to be used against various people at future dates. It's all about priorities I guess.

Did I mention my brother is running for county commissioner? Funny story. Remind me to tell you next time.


Trina said...

YYYYYYYES!!! My picture has been immortalized in someone else's blog ... and not just anyone - the Incomparable Abby's. I am sorry about that you had the flu and your own Colbert pilgrimage did not go according to plan. But you know as well as I do that you'd have said the exact same NEENER NEENER if the tables were turned.

And no, my offspring most definitely did not comprehend the magnitude of such a journey for our family, but I'll be sure to bring her up right and teach her the truthiness of Stewart and Colbert.

Stephanie B said...

I'm glad you finally posted. I missed you, Abby.

I like that you comment on blogs. Its always nice to know that people are reading it. That's one of my favorite things about you... just one of them.

Abby said...

Well, thank you for the super-nice cooments. Now I look like a total hag for what I said about you guys. Jerks.

Ryann said...

Abby-without you commenting on my blog I would get no comments! You make me feel that my random thoughts are worthwhile to someone!

And by the way, yes, we would love to dinner. That weekend will be great-I'll give you a call.