26 March 2008

Pâques: Deux

So after much trial and error, several flights on as many airlines, and one rental car ride from NYC, my father finally made it here the night before Easter at 11 p.m. Apparently other people like to travel for Easter, too. Or it could have been that whole Spring Break thing. Anyway, he barely made it. And all in time for my requested/demanded Easter Egg Hunt! He was more than a good sport about it, and even seemed pretty pleased to get to do it again.

Dad hid Peawhistle's 10 eggs first. We had warned him beforehand about her inability to find anything not in plain sight, and he planted the items accordingly with minimal deception. Walking into the single room to be used, one could spot at least seven of them immediately. I filmed PW's madness as she raced around the room apparently astounded that she was so good at this endeavour. We laughed at her enthusiasm muchly. You've never seen a happier egg hunter.

After the chillins were in bed, it was my turn. Dad had hid them as I was putting Peanut to sleep; the Husband, my mom, and PW observed the process in the mean time. PW was put to bed and I started out, basket in hand, timer running. It didn't help that my dad had no clue as to how many total eggs he hid; however, he was most helpful in telling me when I had failed to find a minimum number of eggs in a room (my hunt took place on the entire main floor, minus the bathroom--ew--china cabinet and coat closet). When he would forget if I had any remaining in a room, the Husband and Mom were instrumental in reminding him. It was also in the midst of this that I was told that PW--the kid who couldn't find several of her eggs until multiple people pointed at them--found some of MY eggs and deviously resituated them, their current whereabounts unknown at that time. Man, she picked that trick up quick. Fortunately I think I found all of those, too. I found eggs in the fridge, cookie jar, fish bowl, curio cabinet, pantry, rotisserie oven, sink drain, and a pair of gloves, among other places of course. I found 19 eggs in a dizzying 45 minutes: a personal record. Congratulations on a job well done were spread all around.

The next morning (Monday), Dad informed me that I had missed one egg in the living room that he had forgotten about. He confirmed that it was indeed still there. Crap. Fortunately, I had an inkling. I walked in and noted that the cat toy under the sofa had indeed been moved ever-so slightly since Easter evening. I had picked it up the previous night searching for two objects inside the track (one being an egg, the other the ball); finding only one, I put it back. Never underestimate the craftiness of my dad. He had replaced the yellow track ball with a yellow plastic egg, keeping the ball hidden in his pocket as he knew two objects encased within the toy would naturally make it suspect. Kudos to him. This brought my total to 20 eggs in 14+ hours. Horrible time--a personal worst.

But I still had a blast. It had been at least 10 years since I'd been home for Easter to have an egg hunt. While my hunting skills have improved with time, I still thought my dad did an excellent job, especially taking into account that, as an infrequent visitor, he doesn't know my house nearly as well as I do. I doubt I would have gotten another opportunity to do this with him again and I'm glad I asked, and I'm also glad to those who encouraged me to do so, including my mother.

Next year maybe I can get Peawhistle to hide my Easter eggs, 'cause dang, she's pretty good.


Stephanie B said...

That's awesome. YOu should have video taped you too.

Misty D. said...

I thought of you whilst migraining on Easter Sunday. I thought "I sure hope Abby gets to hunt eggs." in between vomiting and wishing I was dead.

Needless to say, I spent a lot of time contemplating the miracle of the Atonement and the Resurrection.

judiroso said...

Glad you got to live the dream for one more time! Aren't parents great for humoring us.

Ryann said...


Abby said...

You're all so kind. And Steph, I would have invited you along, but you went and actually had Easter with family. Jerk. And 45 minutes of me creeping around I don't think would make terribly good entertainment for others years on down the road.

I hope your migraine is better, Misty. What true selflessness.

Parents are great, eh? Dad's always been one for humoring my stupid requests. Good, good times.

See, this only proves my point: you're never too old for this kind of stuff.

Meredith & Eric said...

No I don't mind you checking out my blog! It's kind of neat, actually.

And yes, I am LDS. Is it that obvious? :)