05 March 2008

Good News All Around

Peawhistle has been sick for three weeks with a mid-to-high fever for the past week of that. Her fever finally broke today, which means she just barely escaped having to go in for a chest X-ray to look for pneumonia. Poor little PW.

She's bouncing off the walls today, which is a nice break for me from having to run to see what she's crying about every 10 seconds. As I told sweet, Flopsy's mother (by the way, that would make a fabulous exclamatory expression: "Sweet Flopsy's Mother, what in the world is going on in here?!"), who has also been very concerned about Peawhistle's condition and not just due to the threat of contaminating her own offspring, either, I was planning on ending PW's life if she intended on continuing to bawl about EVERY LITTLE THING SHE COULD THINK OF. No, PW, I cannot make you a PB&J sandwich, blow your nose, put on the latest Dora cartoon, and stare at you all at the exact same moment. I'm incredible, yes, but not that incredible. Fortunately, yesterday ended, despite continuing evidence to the contrary.

And then the power went out at 1am during a storm that resembled a quick hurricane, or so I'm thinking since we sat out Hurricane Isabel in VA Beach back in 2003 when we watched our chimney blow down the street. Good times. Anyway, it sounded like that. The second the power went out, PW started freaking out because she couldn't turn on her light when she was scared by the storm. So I let her sleep with a flashlight while I put Peanut back to sleep. I left our info with the power company and prayed they turned on the power before our food went bad and PW raged with fury at being denied Dora come morning. To my surprise, PW did not rage, but instead just tore the house apart with glee while I tried to sleep off another migraine. At 9:19am I woke up, noted that my clock-radio was still out, sighed, and got up to survey PW's house damage. I saw her bathroom light on. Confused, I looked back at my clock and it was now blinking the time. What are the odds? To top it off, PW has been very agreeable today without nary a tear.

So overall, despite the continuing migraine (which is actually improving, hence the foray into computerdom), it's turning out to be a good day. Many thanks to those who prayed for PW's fever and her life. She appreciates them more than she'll ever know.


Stephanie B said...

I'm so glad that her fever broke. I always try to remember that the reason they are cranky is because they don't feel well. But after a few days, my sympathy is all out.

I forgot to drop off your ketchup - you'll get it tomorrow.

Abby said...

Yeah, I was pretty understanding the first few days, but then my brain fried.

Thanks for getting the ketchup!