31 March 2010

The Flattest Guest I've Ever Had

Dang, has it been a month already? Holy cow. Oh well.

Hey, so one of my friends has this nephew, see, and he's in grade school in Canada somewheres. His class is participating in the Flat Stanley Project where they mail out a Flat Stanley (based on the children's book), a journal, and see where he winds up before being shipped back home. So far Stanley has visited California, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Texas, and Maryland (at right is a picture of him driving through Baltimore). Within the next week I will take Stanley to D.C. and to Arlington, VA.

Now, if any of you are familiar with the Canadian postal system, you know it is on par with that of a third world country. In fact, I'm fairly sure the "postal system" involves Canadians standing outside in a long line and just passing letters and packages between them. Therefore, Stanley has only about one more destination to make after here before he needs to be mailed back to Canada by the end of May.

The question is, where should he go? Is there anyone out there who would like to have Stanley in their home for a week to show him around? It doesn't have to be spectacular. One person just raked leaves with him, another took him on a school field trip. My friend took him snow tubing, and I have taken him sightseeing. Whatever floats your boat. You just write a couple of sentences about your town in the journal, maybe include a photo or two of Stanley doing something with you, and you're done.

So, would anyone like to have him for a week?


elesa said...

I would be happy to have him! Maybe I shouldn't be your first choice though. Because Harrison might tear him in half or eat him, and it is totally possible I would forget abut the whole thing and never mail him back. But if that is ok, send him on over!

Jody said...

Now that's the kind of house guest I like: happy to do what's already planned and not too demanding. :)

Stephanie B said...

You can send him my way.

greta said...

aubrey did a flat stanely. we sent it Hungary and we never got it back. i was pretty ticked off about that. maybe the people we sent it to ate him, who knows. whatever.

Alyssa said...

I'm inclined to think that the Canadian postal system reserves that slowness especially for packages coming from the USA. I've gotten parcels mailed from/to the UK and other parts of the world (even Down Under) in less time than it takes Canada Post to get me a parcel from the USA. Case in point: it took 14 days to get a parcel from Kentucky, but only a week to get a parcel from Australia. Utterly retarded.

Btw, that flat Stanley thing is cool. If I had him I'd take him to the Calgary Tower, and on the transit system, and to work. :)

Abby said...

Wait, you're saying the Canadian Postal System is basically just one big "Screw You, America?" FORGET THAT!!

Thank you for offering to take Stanley in another life. I'm sure he would have loved to have met Percy, too.