17 February 2010

This Is Your Brain Exploding

See, most people would watch the following and think, "WOW. That is amazing!" And then there's me, who thought, "WOW. I'm going to vomit!" I'm clearly incapable of handling the greater picture. Shocker for most of you, I'm sure.

(half of this is cut off if you're look at my blog, so click on the video again to watch it full screen)

I think I have to go throw up my brains now.

Do you think this has anything to do with my gut-wrenching reaction to icebergs? (See, it's not the tops that freak me out so much--it's the bottoms that make me want to crap my pants.)

P.S. This commercial also makes me want to crap my pants, but in a totally funny way, not a creeped-out way.


it's just lisa said...

you wont believe me... but i'll tell you anyway. eliza vomited about 15 seconds after i pushed play.

Shoebox Princess said...

The concept of infinity (especially in relation to deep space) used to give near-panic attacks as a kid.

Not so much anymore, though. That was an awesome clip.

Ryann said...

We LOVED that commercial-Emi and I watched it over and over again! Am going to show Terry tonight!

elesa said...

I'm sorry about your space barfing, but that IS amazing. Though I couldn't help but scoff a little at the guy saying that it is the most important picture ever taken. What about this one?

Abby said...

Lisa, I absolutely believe you. When you have 1000 children, one of them is bound to be puking at all times.

"I'm on a horse." Ha!

Elesa, that IS truly the most important photo ever taken. Pure class INDEED.

Heidi said...

Yes, I'm feeling a mite small and insignificant now. And I just read an article by some astronomer saying that there is no intelligent life out there besides us or we would have found some sign of their technology by now.

Really??? In a universe this big? Is he smoking something? Seems kind of arrogant to assume we are the only smart things in it.

Abby said...

Yeah, I love that they assume we're the only living things in the universe, too. Because if there were other life out there, they would all have space ships and be capable of traveling at the speed of light, know how to find us, and would have parked their UFOs here long ago. Just because we haven't seen them doesn't mean they're not there.